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작성일 : 16-02-20 14:50
Vivado Debug Tip(다운로드시 아래사항 처럼 에러시)
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WARNING: [Labtools 27-3123] The debug hub core was not detected at User Scan Chain 1 or 3.
1. Make sure the clock connected to the debug hub (dbg_hub) core is a free running clock and is active OR
2. Manually launch hw_server with -e "set xsdb-user-bscan " to detect the debug hub at User Scan Chain of 2 or 4. To determine the user scan chain setting, open the implemented design and use: get_property C_USER_SCAN_CHAIN [get_debug_cores dbg_hub].

위에 처럼 에러가 발생시 jtag scan를 다시 한다. 단) 데이터 다운로드를 하지 않고 디버깅 합니다.