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The Xilinx tools provide all required tool chains to compile and link applications for Xilinx supported platforms, create and configure hardware designs and creating bitstreams.
Installing Xilinx Tools is a part of Xilinx design flow described inGetting Started.


Refer to thePetaLinux Installation wiki page, for details on installing the PetaLinux tools.

Task Dependencies (pre-requisites)

  • None

Tools Required

  • None

Output Files Produced

  • Installation of Xilinx tools on user's local computer

Task Description

The complete hardware/software work flow for Xilinx devices relies on a number of Xilinx-provided tools. These tools are available asdownloadfor Linux and Windows bases systems. Please, follow the installer to install the tools on your system.

Platform specific hints & tips

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x86_64 users may run into issues related to missing dependencies when installing the Xilinx tools. This release of Ubuntu lacks some needed 32-bit libraries which need to be installed. This can be done by executing
bash$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Setting Up the Tools

Many software items, such as Linux, use the environment variable CROSS_COMPILE, to invoke the cross compiler that is used to build it. Also the $PATH environment variable has to be extended to find the newly installed tools.
bash$ export CROSS_COMPILE=

bash$ source /ISE_DS/settings64.sh # use settings32.sh on 32-bit operating systems

The Xilinx tools provide the following cross toolchains:
Target Architecture
x-tool prefix
Microblaze little endian
Microblaze big endian

Next Step

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